Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio Reboot Appear to Leak From SEGA

Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio Reboot Appear to Leak From SEGA

Matt Lorrigan

Footage of a Persona 3 remake and a new Jet Set Radio game appear to have leaked over the weekend [via VGC].

The now-deleted Twitter account AVtoGAMEnoYAMI posted footage that they claimed was “from SEGA Japan’s internal meeting held in 2021”, which showed clips from three different games. The first clip appeared to show the character Yukari from Persona 3 using her bow attack, with higher-resolution models and visuals than existing versions of Persona 3.

This was followed by some gameplay from Sonic Frontiers, which wasn't officially revealed until the end of 2021, and then a short clip of Jet Set Radio protagonist Beat dancing.

Fans have since pointed out some irregularities in the footage, specifically the alleged Persona 3 remake, such as an incorrect model of bow and lack of Evoker holster. However, given that the footage was reportedly only used internally in 2021, it could be that this short clip was using placeholder assets in early development.

Outlet has since corroborated that the Jet Set Radio leak ties into previous leaks and information it has gathered on a Jet Set Radio reboot. Meanwhile, while news outlet Gematsu can't confirm the Persona 3 footage is real, it does state that it “understands that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at ATLUS for several years”.

Hopefully we'll get official confirmation on these games before 2023 is up.

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