Xbox April Update Includes a Refreshed Search Experience and Adjustable Power Setting

Xbox April Update Includes a Refreshed Search Experience and Adjustable Power Setting

Richard Walker

April's Xbox update is set to roll out for consoles soon, offering a refreshed Xbox search experience and an adjustable active hours power setting.

The refreshed Xbox search experience features a “sleek new look” with gallery-style results, visible filter categories that you can tab through using RB and LB, an option to search on YouTube within the Movies & TV section, and more.

As for the adjustable active hours power setting, this arrives as part of Microsoft's energy saving endeavours, accessed via Settings > General > Power options. Selecting Shutdown (energy saving) will help conserve power while enabling carbon aware updates on yuor Xbox console.

Choosing the Sleep power option, however, will allow you to adjust active hours so the console is ready to wake up when you're ready to use it, then shut down during the times you're not using it to save on energy. Once your Xbox console's active hours are finished, the console will shut down entirely, drawing 0.5 watts of power rather than 10-15 watts.

"With the Xbox April Update, if you have the Sleep power option selected on your Xbox, you can configure your console active hours, which default to “always active” unless you change them," the Xbox Wire post explains. “During your selected active hours your Xbox will boot quickly and be available for activities like Remote Play and mobile game installs.”

The Xbox April update is due to roll out soon.

  • I can't understand those people who let the electronics ON when they are not using them. Unplug the cord from the wall aswell, it saves energy and your hardware will last longer too. The Xbox Series X launch speed is super fast.
  • Not nearly as fast as jumping in games within 5 seconds and picking up where I left off. And the fact I can have multiple games suspended at time? Let’s just say that is one of very few advantages my X has over PS5:-)

    I like the idea of scheduled sleep and automatic shut off though. That one might save me a few bucks in a long run.
  • Full power, leave the console on even when I'm not using it.
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